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Those days struggled hard are provisions of now Yasuhiro Ezaki

 Since my father had been working in a patent firm, I was interested in working in this business field since from my childhood. It is about 15 years since I entered this office after graduating the school, I have been in charge of clients of various fields to acquire patent rights related to an automobile field and to technology of expression in an amusement machine field for example. While engaging in such works, we ought to argue evenly with persons in intellectual property sections of the clients to provide values more than what have been expected. Because I had not studied such things specially in the university, days struggled hard continued soon after entering the office. Because I had no knowledge about that at all, I remember even now that I had to repeatedly draft patent claims many times and was scolded in those days. My life in those years was so condensed by simultaneously advancing jobs and studies by reading cases earnestly after finishing my works by 18:00. I feel that I earned a “wide view field” that enables to investigate one thing from an overhead view of various aspects by engaging in the wide variety of fields.

Yasuhiro Ezaki Image01

Strong point of our office is bonding strength which is not too large and not too small

 Our works require high imagination in addition to deep thinking. In some cases, an “invention” exists only by a document and vague layout images. I sometimes make hearing directly with an inventor and when there is no drawing from the beginning, I think out as patent claims by imaging an actual product by manually drawing its image. A new patent is always brought about from a new “invention”, though it is a matter of course. It is our privilege to be able to relate to technologies and ideas not known yet in the world. In such a circumstance, the strong point of us, Chikashima & Associates, is that we are a mid-size office as a patent firm. Our human relationship is not lean unlike those of large patent firms and we have a meeting and put our heads together per each item within the office. On the other hand, our works are not processed just by individual assumptions unlike small offices, and checks made by others always act on the works. Our strongest point is that we have both advantages of large-scale and small-scale offices.

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